Thursday, April 15, 2010

Positive Thinking and Goal Setting!

I minored in psychology in college and was privileged enough to take a few classes at Avila taught by Dr. Maria Hunt that focused on mindfulness. I really enjoyed her classes; it opened up the world of positive thinking, the mind-body connection and the idea that what you focus your energy on grows.

I started by cutting words like can’t, don’t, wont, hate out of my vocabulary and thoughts. The idea is that if I focus on what I can’t have, don’t want or dislike I am attracting those things to me because it’s what I put my energy into.

Another tool I use is a gratitude journal. It’s not simply writing down the things that I am grateful for; it is taking a moment to really feel joy and appreciation for the wonderful things I have in my life. By focusing my energy on the things I love and enjoy, I attract more of those types of things into my life.

 One of the exercises Dr. Hunt had us do in class was taking the time to write down where we see ourselves in the future. So I like to take time to sort of map out my ideal future. I really try to let my imagination run wild. I start with big picture/long-term goals and then I get down to the specific details. It gives me direction and focus. But again the key here is to imagine how it would feel to have those accomplished. I like to meditate on the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that I will experience. This really helps me feel like my wildest dreams are achievable.  

I’ve been working on a vision board that will help me visualize the things I want. My vision board includes everything from bedroom furniture and a new TV to my ideal body and a successful business.
My current focus is on my Etsy shop as it is now my main source of income. Today I realized that I need to refocus and get back on track. I have taken some time today to outline my goals for MissBettyLou and where I want to be in the future. I am already feeling more confident, motivated and focused! So only positive thoughts and gratitude from here on out!


  1. I really like the idea of a gratitude journal and visualization board. I kind of randomly found your store on etsy (love everything - wow!!) and then found your blog. : )

    Happy Sunday!


  2. So glad you found me! Love your blog and etsy store. Your necklaces would make a great mothers day gift!