Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update ♥ and long overdue!!!

In my last post I boasted about my 700 sales. Well, it’s been nearly a year and I’ve almost doubled my sales. But the growth of my Etsy shop has been seriously hindered by my college education. No more excuses since I have now graduated! Yep, I’m finally a college graduate. I’ve earned my Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Religious Studies with a minor in Psychology at Avila University (go Eagles).

Since my graduation in December and my subsequent recovery from the holidays and year ending at work-I’ve been hard at work crafting every chance I get!

One of my favorite arts is sculpting and I feel like I’ve honed in on that skill with the new accessories I’ve been making. I shape beautiful fabrics into darling little flowers and add any embellishment that I can find-I have an ample supply of shiny and glittery things!

They’ve been a big hit so far with all of my friends (who have great taste so I trust them implicitly)!

(I'm the second one from the left)

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